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About Us

We were inspired by life
and its limitless possibility to create

We believe in nature

The natural and healthy beverages Life Holic are created from apples, pears, wine grape varieties, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrant, pomegranate, and others, harvested during a specific phase of their physiological maturity. This maturity is characterized with a high volume of mineral substances in the diversity of micro- and microelements, antioxidants, and beneficial flavonoid phenolic compounds. The fruit in some of the beverages are combined with different parts of naturally dried wild herbal plants, which come from ecologically clean agricultural areas of Bulgaria. Every single one of the fruits and herbs contains high volumes of physiologically- and biologically active substances, such as many enzymes, vitamins, specific proteins, and amino acids. Through controlled microbiological processes, not only the available useful substances from the ripe fruits are stored in the beverages, but also new groups of vitamins, enzymes and essential amino acids are formed.

The newly formed beneficial substances, as well as the ones from the fruits and herbs, can normalize the blood pressure, balance the central and peripheral nervous systems, and can also absorb and remove the generated and accumulated harmful radicals from the human body. The Lifeholic beverages are compatible with any diet and contribute to the permanent and complete good human health. Lifeholic is good for every age group and anytime.

The numerous uses and benefits of consuming herbs have been known to mankind since ancient times. It is not by chance that among them there are even sacred ones for some peoples. These plants also have incredible health benefits for the body.

Natural soft drinks containing medicinal plants with the Life Holic brand have no analogue on the market, because in their production different plant natures are involved, which are a set of field and forest medicinal plants. All natural products rich in physiologically active, biologically active and mineral substances are united by provoking a controlled microbiological process in which new amounts of enzymes, vitamins, useful amino acids and proteins are produced. With responsible analytical and organoleptic control, the raw materials, the technological process and the finished product are strictly monitored, and the presence of herbicides, pesticides, GMOs, additives and preservatives is not allowed. Antioxidant activity is another main quality of the drink, which is determined by the sufficiently high content of enzymes, vitamins, phenolic compounds, which arose as a result of the purposefully selected and used raw materials. On the basis of the rich content of mineral substances, diverse amino acid composition, presence of microfibers, vitamins, enzymes, bioflavonoids, etc., the product is active in terms of absorption and removal of harmful radicals in the body, absorption and removal of accumulated radioactive (ionization) radiation at the cellular level, which favor the health of the body. The raw materials used are collected and cultivated from compact and ecologically clean areas.

List with all herbs: Artemisia, Achillea millefolium, Achillea clypeolata, Hypericum perforatum, Centaurium erythraea, Teucrium Polium L., Teucrium chamaedrys L., Mentha, Flores Sambuci nigri, Melissa officinalis, Origanum vulgare, Salvia, Symphytum officinale, Ocimum basilicum, Coriandrum sativum, Thymus, Gentiana cruciata, Matricaria, Tilia.

Our Technological Engineer

Prof. Georgi Michev


Professor at the specialties : Enology, Sommelier, Spirits and Alcohol-free beverages

Dissertation defense and Doctoral Degree of technical sciences, Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS), Sofia, Bulgaria

Technological Engineer – wines and high-alcohol beverages / Technology of microbiological and fermentation products


Member of Bulgarian Oenological Union

Honorary diploma by the Italian Association of Sommeliers

President of the Southwest Regional Tasting Commission – Pirin

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