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Teacrium chamaedrys

Teacrium chamaedrys

Latin Name: Teacrium chamaedrys

Family: Lamiaceae (Labiatae)

Main action: Stomachicum.

It is used for stomach problems and fungal infections. It has a generally strengthening, burning, diuretic, hemostatic effect. Suppresses gastric secretion and reduces unpleasant belching and heartburn. Eliminates putrefactive processes in the intestines. It has a hemostatic effect in heavy menstruation, bleeding hemorrhoids, dysentery and hemoptysis. It also has a cleansing effect on sand in the gall bladder. Recommended for white discharge.

Widespread: It grows in sparse mixed forests and scrub, in forest glades and grassy places. Widespread in Southern and Central Europe up to 1 500 meters above sea level.

Content: Furaiditerpene daktoks with a bitter taste, tannins, a little essential oil rich in caryophyllene.

Drug used: The aerial part collected during flowering (Herba Chamaedria).