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Gentiana cruciate

Gentiana cruciate

Latin Name: Gentiana cruciate

Family: Gentianaceae

Main action: Appetite-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, generally strengthening.

The herb has an antispasmodic and anthelmintic effect. It enhances the secretions of the gastric glands and bile and enhances the appetite. Blue gentian strengthens the contractions of the heart muscle and increases white and red blood cells. It is used for weakened gastric activity, for gastric and intestinal colic, gas in the intestines, atony of the intestines, for anemia, jaundice and against worms.

Widespread: It grows low in tufts in low places and scrub. Widespread in Central and South-Eastern Europe and Asia up to 2600 meters above sea level.

Content: It contains bitter glucosides, xanthones, pectin, mucilaginous substances, fatty oil, tannins, essential oil and others.

Drug used: Stalks (Herba Gentianae cruciatae). The entire aerial part collected during flowering and dried in ventilated rooms is used.