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Latin Name: Artemisia

Family: Asteraceae (Compositae)

Main action: Appetizing, stimulating digestion.

It has an appetite-stimulating effect and improves digestion. It is used for gastritis and also for liver and bile diseases. Wormwood treats parasitic infections, but it also stimulates bile secretion, which largely determines our state of health. Wormwood is also used for lack of tone and energy, for anemia, menopause or painful menstruation.

Widespread: It grows in grassy and stony places, in bushes, in gardens, uncultivated places and ruins. Widespread throughout the Balkan Peninsula, from the lowlands to about 1600 m above sea level. The plant originates from Europe and Siberia, but is now widespread throughout the world. It is also grown as a garden flower.

Content: Essential oil (0.5 – 2 %) (contains phellandrene, hamazulene, thujone, cineol, sesquiterpenes) bitter sesquiterpene lactones (absinthin, anabsinthin, prohamazulenogen, etc.); the leaves contain the flavone artemisinin.

Drug used: The aerial part during flowering (Herba Adsinthii).